In the pink
  While a pale complexion is considered beautiful in many cultures, in others it is regarded as a sign of illness. For as many potions and creams as there are that make skin white, there is an equal number that give the skin a ‘healthy glow’. There is a third option: ‘natural is best’.Andrew Turner
  白凈的皮膚在許多文化里被認為是一種美,然而在其他地方,蒼白的皮膚被認為是一種病態的象徵。許多藥劑或者面霜可以美白肌膚,同時幾乎有相同數量的護膚品可以讓皮膚散髮“健康光澤”。當然,你也可以有第三種選擇:“自然就是美”。  (原標題:氣色紅潤/自然就是美)


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